A big thank you to those running their own #PlogForPlastic events!

We’ve been contacted by many people recently who are going to host their own #PlogForPlastic events. Once the dates are finalised the events will be added to our Events page. A big thank you to everyone who has been in touch to host their own event and especially to Gorleston Cliffs Parkrun in Great Yarmouth and  Harrow Nature Conservation Forum! To set up your own #PlogForPlastic e-mail tom.willox@nikwax.co.uk.

Announcing #PlogForPlastic events with Perry Sport in Benelux

Nikwax and Perry Sport are partnering  up to host #PlogForPlastic plogging events over the coming months. The first event takes place in Rotterdam and the follow up events locations will be confirmed soon. Facebook events to follow and the event dates are:

October 26th in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Begins at Perry Sport store.

November 23rd in Benelux, location TBC.

November 24th in Benelux, location TBC.

December 14th in Benelux, location TBC.

December 15th in Benelux, location TBC.

Further details coming soon.

XXL Sports #PlogForPlastic Events

XXL Sports will cohost #PlogForPlastic events in Norway to help clear plastic from outdoor spaces. Events are expected to take place Autumn 2019 and further details will follow.

Welcome onboard #PlogForPlastic partners

We are pleased to be able to welcome our first #PlogForPlastic partners on board! They are Perry Sport in the Netherlands, XXL Sports in Norway, plus Buffalo Systems, Outdoor People, Apex Outdoor and The Outdoor Depot, from the UK. Events will be posted here as the dates are confirmed. Watch this space!

Nikwax #PlogForPlastic in London

We are hosting two #PlogForPlastic clean up events in Hoxton, London on 24th and 25th July. It will take place at Hoxton Arches, Arch 402, Cremer Street, London, E2 8HD. We will be jogging and collecting litter for an hour each, come along and join the clean up! Details of the Pop Up event below:

#PlogForPlastic with Nikwax and help tackle plastic pollution!

#PlogForPlastic with Nikwax and help tackle plastic pollution! At the recent OutDoor by ISPO show in Munich, Nikwax was excited to announce a new campaign to help tackle the issue of plastic pollution. Nikwax has teamed up with Swedish trail runner, Erik Ahlström, to launch #PlogForPlastic.

Erik Ahlström is the founder of a concept called Plogging – it simply means litter picking whilst jogging! The term Plogging combines `jogging` with `plocka upp` – Swedish for `pick up`. An activity anyone can get involved with, Plogging is suitable for all ages and fitness abilities. The movement has picked up in other countries, including the US, over the last couple of years and will benefit both participants and the environment around them.

Why should you care about plastic pollution?

It is an uncomfortable truth that plastic pollution is harming our planet’s most sensitive and vital ecosystems. From the deepest oceans to inland habitats and waterways, the volume of plastic accumulation in our natural world is causing long-term damage to natural habitats and wildlife. It makes our enjoyment of the great outdoors harder, because we are ultimately responsible for the decline in threatened species and the destruction of such valuable habitats.

The release of plastic into the environment is unnecessary and unless we take action, we will not have the green outdoors to step into and enjoy, that we have had for so many years.

So, what is the Nikwax #PlogForPlastic initiative and how can you get involved?

It is easy to join in on our initiative! Nikwax will be hosting a series of Plogging events across the UK and Europe this summer. Our aim is to encourage people of all ages and fitness levels to step outdoors and be active whilst helping us clean up the environment in the process. Just kit yourself out in your running gear and bring a pair of gloves to litter pick! The reward, aside from keeping fit, is seeing the green space where you live turned back to a healthy environment that everybody can enjoy. Now that is good for body and soul!

That is not all… If you want to set up your own Plogging event then we can help you do so! Perhaps you are part of a running club and you want to give your runners a new challenge? Do you just want to bring members of your community together for a day? Let us know and we will send you a #PlogForPlastic starter kit! The kit includes information on how to organise your own plog, as well as posters, flyers and samples. We will also promote your own #PlogForPlastic via our website and social media – to help you get coverage and participants for your event!

What will benefit from your #PlogForPlastic?

First and foremost, the local green space that you choose to Plog at! It will return to a natural state, with no plastic to damage the environment there. Every Plog undertaken will lead to a greater amount of areas freed up from plastic pollution – a great benefit!

Alongside this, every piece of plastic collected during our campaign will count towards a project run by the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA). “Plastic Free: Mountain to Sea” has been set up with a focus to clear plastic waste from 3,000km of natural habitat within the next two years. Nikwax has supported EOCA for over 12 years and we are delighted to think that our campaign could help them achieve their target.

Why has Nikwax decided to #PlogForPlastic?

Nikwax has always been responsible when it comes to using plastic to deliver its Sweatproofing and Waterproofing aftercare. We have always ensured that our bottles are fully recyclable. In January 2019, we announced that by the end of 2020, one hundred percent of our bottles will be made from post-consumer recycled plastic.

We are committed to raising awareness of the hazard caused by plastic pollution and we want to further our goal of taking plastic out of the natural environment. What better way to do this, by combining an activity that encourages everyone to get outdoors and be healthy and active, whilst cleaning up the green space around them?

Tips for you to #PlogForPlastic!

If you cannot make any of the Nikwax events, there are many ways you can undertake a Plog.

– Not much of a runner? You can #PlogForPlastic whilst out on a nice walk – take an early morning stroll in some woodland, or along a beach, and see what you can collect whilst there.

– Want to keep the kids busy during summer holidays? Set them a challenge of their own Plog and see who can collect the most within an hour. Ensure they have protective gloves on and keep a watchful eye over them though, to make sure they don’t pick up anything which could hurt them, such as glass.

– Turn your normal dog walk in to a dog jog and combine your everyday activity into one where you keep your pet happy and healthy, but you are keeping your environment tidy too.

– Dress appropriately! Jogging can be tiring but when you are plogging you are turning your fitness into a different exercise routine, what with bending down to pick up litter. You want some comfortable, breathable base layers that will wick away sweat whilst you Plog and keep your body temperature regulated. Give your base layers some care first by using Nikwax BaseFresh in your laundry – the formula ensures any nasty body odours are removed from your gear, keeping you smelling fresh whilst plogging.

Tell us about your #PlogForPlastic! We want to hear about any plogging event you participate in – we can share these stories and encourage others to get up and out to help clear up the environment. Contact us on tom.willox@nikwax.co.uk.

What is Plogging?

The plogging craze – jogging and picking up litter at the same time.

Plogging is litter picking and jogging at the same time, enabling people to keep active whilst cleaning up their outdoor spaces. The movement originated in Sweden by its inventor, Erik Ahlström, an avid skier and trail runner; its popularity has spread across the world, partly because of its simplicity and effectiveness. He coined the term Plogging (originally plogga), which is a combination of “jogging” and “plocka upp”- Swedish for “pick up.” Anybody can go Plogging and it’s an activity for all age groups and abilities.