#PlogForPlastic with Nikwax

Litter pick whilst you jog, for cleaner green spaces.




Nikwax announce the #PlogForPlastic campaign

The Nikwax goal is to take plastic out of the natural environment and reduce waste.  We’ve teamed with the inventor of plogging, Erik Ahlström, with the aim to raise even greater awareness of the damage we are doing to our planet. We are doing this whilst encouraging the public and other brands to take action and clean up our outdoor spaces.

What is Plogging?

Plogging with Nikwax

Plogging is jogging and picking up litter at the same time. The movement originated in Sweden thanks to its inventor, Erik Ahlström, an avid skier and trail runner; its popularity has spread across the world, partly because of its simplicity and effectiveness. He coined the term Plogging (originally plogga), which is a combination of “jogging” and “plocka upp”- Swedish for “pick up.” Anybody can go Plogging and it’s an activity for all age groups and abilities.

The Problem with Plastic

Plastic pollution is one of the most devastating environmental problems affecting our planet. From our local parks to the deepest sea beds, plastic is polluting our planet – causing irreversible damage to sensitive ecosystems and impacting human health.

 “Plastic pollution is today one of the most serious environmental problems affecting our world. At Nikwax, we are committed to raising awareness of the problem, so that more and more people are empowered to stop plastic pollution by changing their attitudes and habits. The new Nikwax #PlogForPlastic campaign aims to inspire everyone, from brands to local outdoor groups and individuals, to get outside and help clean up our outdoor spaces. We are optimistic that we can all take a lead together to protect the Great Outdoors that we all love.”

Chris Field, Nikwax Commercial Director.

Nikwax is More Than Waterproofing

Nikwax committed to ensuring 85% of new Nikwax bottles would be made from recycled plastic by mid-2019, and 100% by the end of 2020. We are very proud to have met our 85% commitment two months early, saving 140 tonnes of virgin plastic over a year. This underlines our continued commitment to plastic reduction and environmental concern.

#PlogForPlastic is the latest in our environmental campaigns, something we have been doing since our beginning in 1977. Nikwax products are water-based, PFC-free, non-flammable and have never used any harmful aerosols or fluorocarbons. Nikwax’s 40+ years of operational emissions have been carbon balanced by protecting and replanting tropical rainforest in partnership with World Land Trust.